Company Introduction

Sharp Point Limited ("SP") is a Hong Kong based software developer, which was found in 2001. SP has developed an integrated trading application for multi-exchange cash and derivatives markets including stocks, futures and options products. The trading solution of SP, the SP Trading System, provides clients with an efficient and effective platform with utilization of latest technology.

Special features of our "One-Stop Solution" system include:     

- Multi-products, including stocks, futures and options; 
- Multi-exchanges;                                                                               
- Multi-currencies;                                                                                
 - Multi-connectivity;                                                                              
 - Pre-order risk management; and                                                 
 - Real-time market risk management;                                        

In order to meet rapidly evolving technology and the needs of the client, SP continues to upgrade its system's technology and to enhance the functions

One-stop "Front Office" + "Back Office" for Mobile Phone 

New Generation of SP Futures System

Welcome for Inquire 


SP Algo-Trading

New Technical Support Linux 64-bit ! 

- New Technical Support Linux 64-bit !       
- Application Programming Interface          
  Native API                                                    
- Support Windows 32-bit+64-bit                
- Provide Developer's Guide, API Library,    
  VC Samples, C# Sample                             
- Connect to Broker Server directly               
- Free Demo Account for Testing                


Cross-Market Arbitrage

Create your Comprehensive Plateform for [Cross-Market Arbitrage]


Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)       

- Gold Futures                               

- Iron Ore Futures                        

- Cotton Futures                          

- Sugar Futures                             


Singapore Exchange (SGX)                         

- A50 Index Futures                     

- Iron Ore Currency                     


Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (CZCE)    

- Cotton Futures                          

- Sugar Futures                             


Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE)                

- Iron Ore Futures                         


Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE)                

- Gold Futures                              


China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX)    

- SSE 50  Index  Futures               

- CSI 300 Index  Futures               


Open + Close Position in 1 Step

It's an Upgraded Version of [Bull &Bear] !

Set Opening Position Order and Close Porsition Order in 1 Step.

SP One Key

Rapid change Price, can we press the mouse or the keyboard, immediately.... 

Use 【SP One Key】
【One Key Order】
【One Key CLS】
【One Key REV】


SP Extreme Link Click

Can we display Multi-prices in 1 window, Click to Trade?

Click “+” ,Place Order Immediately!
Click “-” , Delete Order Immediately!
Clearly Show your Displaying and Working Orders. 


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Login

Enhancing Online Tradeing Security

Support 2FA Login

- Register your Login device via SMS / Email 

(Covering Computers, Smart Phones and Tablets)

- Client can open Fingerprint Authentication by yourself, 

  System Security is Further Improved!



SP Chart Analysis

New Launch Combined Charts and Quotes!

- Black or White Background Style            

- Multi-Market Display Modes                   

- More Market Information                        

- Can show Position and P/L at the same time        

- Min Chart & Time-Sharing Chart            

- Candlestick Detection Fucntion              


Global Futures & Options

Support [Golbal Futures & Options] Trade!

More Product Category Launch Soon ...

​New Launch [Stock Futures] Section

Hong Kong Stock Exchange [Stock Futures]

Hong Kong Stock Futures


SP Trader Pro HD+   ( for iPad )

Show more information in one screen !



- Your Position                         

- Your Order                             

- Your Trade                              

- Watch List                               

- Product Data                          

- Price Depth                            

- Chart                                       

- Recent Ticker                         

- Order                                      

- Account Status                        


SP Trader provides high-performance and comprehensive electronic trading solutions to brokerage and financial institutions. It provides all-inclusive functions of securities/ futures trading and comprehensive client risk management, including control of user group setup, credit line, trading limit, access rights, and margin call level. From a single screen, your clients can trade various global products. SP guarantees to provide you our quickest response and efficient technology. SP is your trust-worthy online trading partner! Users could also apply a demo account by only one-click button to obtain trial license in the newest version very easily


System Features

All-in-one Electronic Trading Platform​

- Support Windows PC Platform                      

- Support iOS Mobile Platform (iPhone & 


- Support Android Mobile Platform                     

Global Connectivty                        

- Direct Market Access (DMA)                   

- Support Multiple Brokers Connectivity   

- Bloomberg Connectivity                 

- Support connections to 4 main Futures 

   (Exchange in mainland China)    

1. ZhengZhou Commodity Exchange (CZCE) 

2. Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE)            

3. Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE)         

4. Chian Financial Futures Exchange(CFFEX) 

Independent Software Vendor

Certified by HKFE in 2002   

Certified by SEHK in 2004     

Certified by CME in 2011     

Certified by SGX in 2013     

Certified by LME in 2013    


Comprehensive Risk Management

- Support Dynamic SPAN Risk Management

- Support Multi-levels of risk management

    control hierarchy

- Support Real-time Margin Monitor               

More System Features

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SP Trader

​Desktop / Mobile




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Taiwan Based / Foreign Based

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Sharp Point System

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