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SP Trader provides high-performance and comprehensive electronic trading solutions to brokerage and financial institutions. It provides all-inclusive functions of securities/ futures trading and comprehensive client risk management, including control of user group setup, credit line, trading limit, access rights, and margin call level. From a single screen, your clients can trade various global products. SP guarantees to provide you our quickest response and efficient technology. SP is your trust-worthy online trading partner! Users could also apply a demo account by only one-click button to obtain trial license in the latest version.

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Global Connectivty   

- Direct Market Access (DMA)            

- Support Multiple Brokers


- Bloomberg Connectivity                 

Independent Software Vendor

Certified by HKFE in 2002   

Certified by SEHK in 2004     

Certified by CME in 2011     

Certified by SGX in 2013     

Certified by LME in 2013   

Comprehensive Risk Management

- Support Dynamic SPAN Risk


- Support Multi-levels of risk

   management control hierarchy

- Support Real-time Margin Monitor  


Trading & Clearing with Mobile friendly interface

- Native Apps Covering Computers, Smart

   Phones(iOS and android)  and Tablets(iOS)

- Mobile friendly Web-based clearing system

- Manage your Business Anywhere

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SP Trader

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Exchanges and Financial Institutions around the world

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