Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

What is DDE?

The DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) protocol is used by many data vendors including Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.
DDE can be used to exchange data with any statistic or trading programs using it, for instance, Microsoft Excel.
Thousands of applications use DDE, including Microsoft Excel, Word, Lotus 1-2-3, and Visual Basic.

What DDE offers for traders?

Many Chart Program supports Real-Time streaming quotes from DDE-compliant data sources.
However, some of them are not work with SPTrader[1].


The following Programs are verified by us to work properly with SPTrader:

1. Microsoft Excel

TOPIC                                 COMMAND[2]                                     

PRICE LINE[3]               sptrader|price!sp*             

LAST                                   sptrader|last!sp*               

LAST SIZE                        sptrader|lastsize!sp*         

BID                                       sptrader|bid!sp*                

BID SIZE                            sptrader|bidsize!sp*          

ASK                                      sptrader|ask!sp*               

ASK SIZE                           sptrader|asksize!sp*         

OPEN                                  sptrader|open!sp*             

HIGH                                    sptrader|high!sp*              

LOW                                     sptrader|low!sp*               

CLOSE                                sptrader|close!sp*            

VOLUME                             sptrader|volume!sp*         

Limitation of DDE boundary setting​:

Position limit upper boundary cannot be the same or more than the value set. 
e.g. If want the max position to be "1" , then "2" has to be set.

The same as for lower boundary.e.g. If want the max position to be "-1" , then "-2" has to be set.

Qty and Price boundary can be the same as the value set

If set "0" , it is regarded as no boundaries set

Cannot perform spread since no 0 or -ve prices can be performed

2. Multi-chart

To feed DDE data into Multichart, use its Universal DDE function[4].
For instruction, See:

Remember, when you are testing whether the DDE work, in Universal DDE, you enter:

TOPIC                                 COMMAND[2]                                     

TRADE / PRICE              sptrader|last!sp*               

TRADE SIZE                    sptrader|lastsize!sp*         

BID                                       sptrader|bid!sp*                

BID SIZE                            sptrader|bidsize!sp*          

ASK                                      sptrader|ask!sp*               

ASK SIZE                           sptrader|asksize!sp*         


1. Not support  Open Office                                                                                                    

2. SP Command:SERVER|TOPIC!ITEM                                                                            

        SERVER = sptrader                                                                                              
        ITEM = sp + Product Code                                                                                                  

3. Price Lineis a set of array including the information of update time, product name, ask, bid, etc.    

4. SPTrader versions from R8.482 support Multi-chart DDE.                                                  

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