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Application Programming Interface (API)

What is SP Native API?

It is based on the C++ class library interface provided by the expansion of library related transactions and is directly connected to the server of the broker,
including order handling, prices subscription, account information inquiry, etc.

Demo Account


APP ID:                  DLLAPITEST                

API License:       DLLAPITEST                

You can apply for a demo account for your own use Apply Demo Account


* Please note that the demo server does not support auction order and market order. In real case, SP system will support these order types as long as the Exchanges support.

New Version SPNativeAPI R8.75.4
(supports Multi-threading)


VC Example is developed in Visual Studio 2010, and Linux Example is developed in CentOS 6 & G++

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit

Linux 64-bit

Previous SPNativeAPI R8.6839



SP Native API use the same contract symbols as the SPTrader.
For a list of tradable contracts, please see

Recommended Specifications

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or above.

Processor: IntelR XeonR processor W5500 series or IntelCore i5 or i7.

Memory:   GB RAM. 6GB or better for Vista or Windows 7 (64-bit operating system).

Hard Drive:  RAID 0 with 6GB-10GB of free hard drive space. 30%-40% of free disk space is advisable for overall system performance. Solid-state drive (SSD) is encouraged.

Video Card:  256Mb recommended with 128Mb per port supporting DirectX version 9.x or higher.

System Setting Requirements

Hibernate and stand by modes cannot be used.

Hard drive power-saving features should also be disabled.

Internet Access

requires Internet service via a high-speed connection.

Wireless Internet connections are not recommended.

Dial-up is not supported.

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